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The Main Event for Cannabis Packaging Innovation

CannabisTo explore packaging innovations and automation solutions for your growing business, look no further than Healthcare Packaging EXPO 2020 and co-located PACK EXPO International. You’ll find the solutions you need to create a high-end look, expand production and navigate regulations for your cannabis products.

  • Explore solutions for all types of product formats—from baked goods to beverages, confectionery and pharmaceutical.
  • Learn about safeguarding your product with technologies such as RFID tags, inspection and detection systems, tracking and tamper-proofing.
  • Build relationships with vendors that will help you grow, achieve efficiencies and stay nimble and relevant as the cannabis market develops.

Don’t miss:

The PACKage Printing Pavilion
The PACKage Printing Pavilion

Discover digital printing technologies that make customization, specialized labels, on-demand printing and high-end effects economically viable.

The Containers & Materials Pavilion
The Containers & Materials Pavilion

Explore solutions to increase shelf impact, functionality, sustainability, cost-efficiency and more.

The Reusable Packaging Pavilion
The Reusable Packaging Pavilion

Talk to suppliers about reusable assets that can help you achieve a level of sustainability worthy of a great brand backstory.


Here to Stay or Up in Smoke?  A Look at the U.S. Cannabis Market

Most people involved with the cannabis industry are aware of the risks, especially in terms of legal status, but believe the potential rewards outweigh them.

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California: Cannabis Packaging Cannot Resemble Food Products

A new set of resources helps cannabis manufacturers and other businesses evaluate compliance with packaging and labeling requirements.



A Look At The U.S. Cannabis Industry

Packaging requirements for cannabis-based products are stringent, highly regulated and vary by state.



Stay Flexible

Flexible packaging options, such as the standup pouch, offer multiple levels of entry into medical marijuana market.




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